Choosing a contractor

Some things we recommend when looking for a contractor are the following: 

  1. Years in business (a company less than 5 years should be considered inexperienced and very likely to go out of business at a rate of 90% therefore will not be around if you ever have an issue.  
  2. Verify liability insurance (many "contractors" do not have proper insurance or any at all.) 
  3. Verify workers compensation. (If a worker gets hurt on your property you are liable if contractor does not have workers compensation. 
  4. Google reviews: (although there are some inaccurate or bogus reviews out there, this is usually pretty reliable source to help in your decision. One 5-star review should be a red flag. 
  5. Personality: Do you feel you can work well with contractor after interview? Projects can sometimes be lengthy and difficult. Choose a contractor that is easy to work with. Trust your instincts. Choose a contractor with whom you feel comfortable and confident in their abilities to bring your project to a successful conclusion. 
  6. Place of business: Does contractor have a commercial storefront and place of business or are they working out of their house or a storage facility? If contractor does not have a commercial storefront / established place of business this is usually a sign of a new business or a business struggling financially. 
  7. State of Ohio registration: Is contractor registered with the state of Ohio and established business? If not, this is a sign of a new business.  
  8. What companies and products does contractor represent? Many times, contractors will carry inferior products that are low in cost therefore giving you a "low priced" estimate. Your project is an investment. We recommend only using high quality products that will last so you do not find yourself having to redo your project in several years when such products fail. 
  9. Workmanship:  We recommend looking very closely at contractors work very closely. Are they true craftsman building quality projects? 
  10. Scope of Work: We recommend examining contractor's proposed scope of work very closely! Beware of many contractors who are severely lacking in their materials and scope of work all to give a "low price". Most often this ends up at a project that is going to fail. Thus, you are paying twice to have project done. As generic and worn out as it sounds, we strongly recommend "doing it right the first time".  
  11. Is contractor renting all of their equipment? This is often a sign that contractor is a new business and is ill equipped to complete your project. "Renting" equipment often times ends up surprise costs due to weather, material delays etc which are frequently passed on to customer. 

By diligently considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when selecting a contractor for your project. 


Our promise: The Diamond Waterfront's team has decades of experience. We have all necessary equipment, insurances and qualifications. We guarantee, should you choose us to do your project, it will last you a lifetime! 


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