Platform Lifts


Don’t spoil your view with an unsightly lift!

Our ShoreStation’s platform lifts not only looks great, but it provides easy access to your boat for entrance, cleaning and servicing.

  • Fast, Effortless Lift You may have to see it to believe it! ShoreStation Piling Mount Lifts raise and lower your boat 4 to 5 times faster than the traditional pile mount systems, making loading and lifting in wind and waves a breeze!
  • Powerful Hydraulic System Safe, reliable, powerful operating system.
  • Unique Tandem Hydraulic Design With the simple push of a button the tandem hydraulic pump delivers equal volume to both cylinders, resulting in synchronized lifting that automatically keeps the lift platform level. Eliminating the need for dual motors or manual adjustment.
  • Minimum Maintenance The hydraulic cylinder is fully retracted when the boat is lifted so it’s not exposed to the elements. Preventing corrosion and fouling unlike underwater hydraulic lift designs.

There are several advantages to our Shorestation Hydraulic Boat Lift over traditional lifts that wind cables around a pole or drum.

  • Speed – lift speeds exponentially faster result in safer and more convenient operation. Because the platform comes up quicker, it reduces your time needed to hold the boat in place.
  • Longevity – We offer the best warranty in the industry (by far!). Hydraulic lifts do not wind cables creating much less stress on the cables. This allows us to confidently offer an industry leading 15-year warranty on the cables and structure. Watch our video animation of the Cylinder Operation.
  • Hassle-Free – Unlike traditional lifts that can be over-wound or "bird nest" when the cables go slack, our hassle-free cable design makes it impossible for these head-ache situations to occur. We have created a system that protects the user from the lift, and vice-versa!
  • Reliability – 24v DC power with solar charging not only saves you electrical costs, but it adds reliability that the lift will work in any conditions. More importantly, it keeps your waterfront safer when you don’t have to worry about electrical currents near the water.


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